Intellectual Property

Copyright & trademark applications and infringement actions; infringement monitoring services; licensing; technology transfer...

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Construction and Real Estate

Construction contract drafting; contractor-homeowner disputes; real estate services; lease agreements and disputes...

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Business Transactions and Disputes

Corporate entity formation; contract drafting; partnership disputes; document review and negotiation services...

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Estate Planning

Wills; trusts; power of attorney; advanced directives; guardianship; have minor children? I will travel to you for estate planning in your own home...

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My name is Will Blackton.  I am an attorney in the Raleigh area who loves working with creators: entrepreneurs, artists, developers, and builders.

Most attorneys advertise the quality of their legal services and their ability to solve your problem.  So how do you pick the right one?  An attorney's ability to do great legal work should be a foregone conclusion.  Legal services are held to such a high standard that there should be little difference in the quality of work product from one attorney to another.  That means the most critical questions in hiring an attorney are: (1) does this attorney understand my business or my goals and (2) how does this attorney deliver legal services.  I encourage you to ask all of the attorneys you interview questions to find out this information.

I am here to help you accomplish your goals or make your business succeed, respond promptly to your messages, and never leave you wondering what is happening with your legal matter.  Please do not hesitate to call or send me an email.

Free Consultations and My Five-minute Rule

I understand that the process of hiring an attorney can add stress to an already stressful experience.  I offer free consultations.  I believe that people should not be afraid to pick up the phone and call a lawyer.  You will not be billed for the time that it takes to determine if I am the right attorney for your matter.  I have designed my practice around the ability to refuse to take on clients if I do not believe that the benefit of my services outweighs the cost of my fee.  If I am not the right attorney to assist you, I will do my best to refer you to another great attorney.

If you have a question that can be answered in five minutes or less, or when I send you a quick update on the status of your case, you will not be billed for that time.

Responsiveness and Availability

Call and speak with an attorney, not a receptionist.  If you have ever worked with a large law firm, you might have experienced difficulty in actually getting your attorney on the phone or scheduling an appointment.  Unlike those attorneys, I pick up the phone when you call.  If I am unavailable immediately, I will respond within 24 hours; I aim to acknowledge all communications within 2 hours.  I answer questions personally, so you will have a single point of contact and will always speak with someone who is familiar with your case.

My office hours are 7AM to 7PM EST every day except Sundays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my wife and kids’ birthdays.  Although I love my work and often respond after hours, I only guarantee to attend to your matters as promptly as possible during my office hours.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

About half of my firm’s revenue is from alternative fee arrangements, that is, not based on the traditional hourly billing of legal practitioners.  These can be contingency fees, flat fees, performance fees, and other fees that are not based on the time spent on the case.  A type of fee that fits the matter makes it significantly easier for clients to budget for legal services and encourages efficiency instead of bill churning.