LLC Formation for Investment Property.  Many real estate investors understand the importance of using a limited liability company to buy, hold, and sell investment property.  Blackton Law can ensure that investors do not inadvertently fail to comply with the basic corporate formalities required by state law when it comes to investment properties.

Commercial Real Estate Development.  Although Blackton Law has experience working with buyers, sellers, owners, and renters in commercial real estate generally, the firm is focused on representing owners and investors in the purchase, refinance, leasing, and sale of commercial or rental property.  This includes assisting clients with all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including negotiating, drafting and reviewing documents for the acquisition, financing, leasing, development, exchange, and sale of commercial and investment properties.

Online Legal Service Document Cleanup.  If you purchased off-the-shelf documents from an online legal service and the provisions of those documents are now coming into play, it's probably clear to you why those documents were so inexpensive compared to professional legal services.  I have experience repairing and replacing documents and deals which are based on common do-it-yourself legal templates.

Construction Contracting and Disputes.  The construction industry faces legal issues across all aspects of business, from bidding, contract reviews, permitting, insurance, financing, lien filing and enforcement, to collections.  A single misstep may bankrupt the fledgling residential contractor or industry titan alike.

Except in the middle of a battlefield, nowhere must men coordinate the movement of other men and all materials in the midst of such chaos and with such limited certainty of present facts and future occurrences as in a huge construction project…. Even the most painstaking planning frequently turns out to be mere conjecture and accommodation to changes must necessarily be of the rough, quick and ad hoc sort, analogous to ever-changing commands on the battlefield.

Blake Const. Co. v. CJ Coakley Co., Inc., 431 A.2d 569, 575 (D.C. 1981).  Given the D.C. Court of Appeals’ characterization of the construction industry, going into even a minor construction project without a contract is like going to war without even attempting to learn about your adversary or the conflict.  Too often, I work with contractors trying to resolve a dispute arising from a handshake deal.  These contractors were able to work for months or years without a contract or a legal dispute, but a contractor is making a career in the profession, payment disputes are inevitable.  If you’re working as or with a general contractor in North Carolina without a written contract, contact Blackton Law to have a construction contact drafted so that your interests are protected throughout the construction period and beyond.


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